About us

Riddhita Agro Services LLP aims to become Karnataka’s largest Sandalwood grower. We use the most emerging agriculture technologies to start with land development till harvest. 


We feel, agriculture is the foundation of progress. Hence the most significant component of the economy, and the most vital component of evolution.


Agriculture investment will aid in the fight against hunger and poverty. Therefore, it has impacted billions of people all over the world. However, the government actively promotes and supports us. 


Karnataka Sandalwood has high demand in both Indian and international markets. The main uses of Sandalwood are in the production of cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, aroma-therapy, handicraft Items, incense sticks, and medicine. Hence we are creating career opportunities for our local community members. However, improving their standard of living. 


We have agreed to share some of our most well-known tools and technology with the community. Therefore enhancing farm products and develop a market for them. We are essential producers of horticulture and exotic fruit crops. Such as avocado, guava, custard apple, rambutan, lychee, java plum, and so on, in addition to Sandalwood. Our first phase project has 300 acres of land for growing Sandalwood and horticulture crops.



  • A group of agricultural entrepreneurs passionate about farming.
  • Developed a comprehensive business plan for improved farmland management.


  • We aim to operate the business morally and ethically.
  • Our principles are to follow honest and adequate practices.
  • Insisting on sustainable growth in all aspects of our operations.



  • Significant contribution to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Organic approaches aid in the improvement of soil health.
  • Sandalwood prices have risen due to a lack of supply and demand.
  • We make a significant contribution to the nation's growth and stability.


  • Work to improve the security, monitoring, and management of all Sandalwood trees and horticulture crops on an ongoing basis.
  • Ascertain that we are minimizing risk and ensuring the safety of our clients’ investment.
  • Make data-driven and insight-driven decisions with the help of technology.
  • Optimize the logistics operations regularly to reduce costs. Therefore, improves customer happiness, and boost overall performance.
  • Develop, execute, and adhere to ecologically beneficial and sustainable farming practices.
  • Ensure that every consumer has a pleasant experience by providing well-maintained facilities, sustainable practices, and good management.
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Different stages of the project are listed below.

Purchase of land



Irrigation (Drip System)

Maintenance including Manure and Fertilizers

Landscaping and development